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Putting your heart into it.

Heart changes everything. It changes how you show up. It releases inner pressure and the weight you carry, and it changes your performance.

“In the sports world we sometimes hear the notion of keeping your emotions […]

“Forgiveness and Gratitude,” a meditative fitness process.

Imagine forgiving yourself in the middle of an intense workout. It can be a powerful and unique experience to combine mental/emotional work with your physical efforts, especially while feeling the effects of your decisions and […]

How a workout can help in challenging times.

Today is as good a day as any to get in a workout. It’s as good a day as any for the workout to change you.

Something significant happens when you decide to exercise, when you […]

Make your declaration!

Make the declaration that your fitness is a spiritual practice. Make the declaration that your workouts are a meditation. That it’s about your happiness and fulfillment and your inner world as you go through a […]

The prostration of burpees.

Envision monks doing burpees, only instead of a jumping clap, the hands come together in prayer at the forehead. Monks have been known to do them for hours on end, to the point of exhaustion, […]

Top tips for creating meditative workouts (and why you would want to).

Each meditative workout is unique and can have different elements blossom, and a meditative workout doesn’t necessarily have to look any different on the outside. First, we acknowledge that the workout is the meditation, and […]

Mental/Emotional PR’s! (And how to have more of them)

“Joyous personal records (PR’s) can be symbolic of so much more in your heart and life. There is something special about working hard and reaching new levels, realizing you just did something that two weeks ago […]

The Meditation of Weightlifting

Nothing induces meditation quite like staring at a barbell in preparation for a big lift. The focus. The presence. Putting yourself in a state of strength. Managing your state of being.

“Standing on the platform, I […]

How you hear the music.

Pay attention to how you hear the music. It can tell you how open your heart is. It can tell you how dead or alive you are inside. It can serve as a barometer for […]

Becoming your Breath in Movement

First, you become your breath. Then, you become your breath in movement. Your breathing comes first. Before you move, be aware of where your breath is and where you are going with it in that movement.

Test […]

Live a physical therapy life.

Stand, stretch, and straighten. Take a deep breath.

Spread your arms out wide. Reach above your head. Grab your hands behind you. Bend to touch your toes. Go into a low squat or lunge. Open your […]

Do this when arriving at your facility…

Take a deep breath. You’re here. Take another deep breath, and as you do, stand up a little straighter. Okay, now you’re meditating…

From now on, this is the first thing I want you to do […]

The Audiobook has Arrived!

Here’s to the big moments in our lives, the important days, the days you dream of, the ones you remember, the ones you work for, cry for, and breathe for. May we create more and […]

Zen Commuter meets Meditative Fitness

Changing the way we see meditation and easily applying it in our lives. Making meditation fun and taking it to the gym or CF box.

Check out my interview on the Zen Commuter podcast! Click here […]

Meditative Tips for the Open 16.1

Shot this for some extra inspiration after coaching the open workout 16.1 in my classes this morning.

Filter the nerves through your heart, settle into them and allow them to help open your heart, put your […]

Audiobook Recording in Progress!

Check it out. This is going down in my closet! Day two of recording is about to be underway! Day one went really well; the book and recording sound great! Can’t wait to share it […]

You already know how to meditate!

First time opening to a random page and talking about it on video, had fun with it. You can also check out the ones on our channel about maintaining blood sugar levels and meditative rest […]

Simple Formula to Practice

This video might be what got me into Wanderlust! Along with the book of course, in which this simple formula can be found. I also mentioned it briefly when I was interviewed yesterday for my […]

The Book and I are going to Wanderlust!

I found out a couple of days ago that I will be speaking at Wanderlust Whistler in July! And I will be up on their web site soon! I had to record this little video […]

You Are Only Ever One Workout Away

Do you have trouble maintaining consistency in your physical practice?

It helps to always know the answer to the question, when is your next workout? Not the “oh, maybe I’ll make it Thursday morning,” but when is […]

How Strong is Your Resolve?

Rather than resolutions, look at your inner resolve.

The New Year is a great reminder of change and beginning anew. Any time we can admit that we want to make a positive change is a good thing. […]

Quick and Powerful New Year’s Meditation

This is a short and powerful vision process that can be done anywhere. It can be as short as a moment or two, or you can draw it out for as long as you like. […]

By Way of Meditative Performance

We are addressing performance in the sport of fitness – maximizing your potential, recording your best time, or executing challenging skills and lifts.
Long before the workout begins, meditation sets you up for higher performance.
One example […]

The Workout Becomes the Meditation

Once you are conscious of certain elements of meditation, the same elements inherently found in fitness, you can then nurture them in your workouts. Further, these elements happen within yourself.

Meditative fitness is…

…the inner world of […]

The Spiritual Practice of Fitness

Have you ever had a spiritual experience during a workout? Have you ever started to see yourself or your life differently? Have you ever felt lighter in spirit after exerting yourself physically? Is your health […]

A Meditation for Athletes

A meditation of this nature can have lasting benefits as you flip switches in your subconscious and set ongoing positive intention. One key is to connect sincerely with yourself so that you can clear any […]