A meditation of this nature can have lasting benefits as you flip switches in your subconscious and set ongoing positive intention. One key is to connect sincerely with yourself so that you can clear any counter-thoughts and intentions. Whenever these are realized, collapse them into your positive intention and will.

You may want to ask a friend or loved one to read this to you as a guided meditation. Otherwise, you can reopen your eyes to read each part, then close them again, going deeper each time.

Find a comfortable place to sit with a straight spine.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, hold briefly at the top of the inhale, and relax within yourself as you let it go. Your breath is both your strength and your calm. All you have to do right now is take a deep breath and slow down within yourself. This simple act helps to enter a deeper state of mind for you to work with your powerful intention and vision.

From here, breath up and down your spine with the intention of relaxing your central nervous system. Throughout the excitement of your days and workouts, you can relax and recharge your system with each breath.

From here, set the intention and belief that everything is going your way. You do this by aligning inwardly, by thinking it, feeling it, envisioning it, and believing it. Nothing is working against you. Everything is going your way. The equipment, the workouts, your performance and learning experiences, your food and hydration, your body, your joints and muscles, your recovery regimen, and your fellow competitors, all help support your highest potential. And no matter what challenges arise, you grow through them. Take a moment to align with this.

Continue taking deep relaxing breaths and focus on feeling the importance of everything in your heart, all the work that has been put in, all the dreams, what it all means to you, and how much you want to do well. It is ok to be vulnerable in this, to allow an open heart to fuel you while also dispelling stress and anxiety. An open heart melts nerves.

Now in a deeper state of mind, set your intention and will that you are recovering well, that any sleep you get will be a deep recovering sleep, and you will wake up fully refreshed. Set the intention that everything you are doing is helping, including these relaxing moments.

Envision carrying this overarching intention with you in your upcoming workouts. There is no frustration or counter forces, only allowing everything to work for you. No matter what happens, you go with it and continue to rise. With pure intention, you trust that your muscles will recover quickly in any short rests. Step into the unknown, forget what you have or haven’t done before, and expect to surprise yourself.

Imagine the energy of a crowd fueling you when you need it most. See yourself being wise in your performance, enjoying it for the beauty that it is, having fun in your expression of fitness, with your heart and soul fulfilled. See yourself celebrating in success upon completion, and feel that in your heart now.

You are creating your experience, and you can spend as much time as you want on any part of this practice. In your upcoming events, you will remember just the right thing at just the right time.

For now, when you are ready, take a deep breath, bring yourself back into the present, and open your eyes.


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