Check it out. This is going down in my closet! Day two of recording is about to be underway! Day one went really well; the book and recording sound great! Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Day one was surreal. I must have read the book over 100 times in the process of writing it, many of those out loud, and every time I had it in mind that I was practicing for when I would record the audiobook. I’m definitely figuring out what works best. It’s a good thing all this meditative stuff I talk about makes for being a quick learner.

I’m the most excited about getting The Processes on audio. They will no doubt be easier to go through and execute as guided meditations.┬áThe plan is to have the full audiobook with The Processes also available on their own as well as individually on iTunes if we can swing it.

You can expect more messages from the “recording studio” coming soon. I have a feeling there will be many moments of inspiration while reading the book! And I would expect the same for anyone that reads it, so don’t wait for the audiobook, pick up a copy today. It’s definitely one you will want on your shelves in addition to the audio. You can get it here.

Other updates: We should hear any day about when my first podcast interview will air. With any luck, I should be up on Wanderlust’s web site for the Wanderlust Whistler speaking engagement, and I’m looking forward to sharing a sample audio clip soon too. It really does sound amazing. It’s already been a powerful experience recording it.

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Oh, and here’s a pic of the Apogee One audio interface that I missed in the camera shot…




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