First, you become your breath. Then, you become your breath in movement. Your breathing comes first. Before you move, be aware of where your breath is and where you are going with it in that movement.

Test your breath and the energy related to it. What does it feel like? Where have you been breathing from? Higher in your chest or deeper in your abdomen? Is your breath strained in any way? Is there anywhere that feels constricted? If so, work on releasing and opening the area.

To become your breath, you always want to be aware of where your breath is. Get to know your breath. Start to tune in and sense all that you can. Create the habit of being conscious of where your breathing is at any given time.

Stand up straight. Open your chest and diaphragm with your posture. Take a deep belly breath and pause briefly at the top before slowly letting it out. As you do, tune in to all the sensations and everything connected to your breathing.

Develop a vibration with a series of deep inhales and slow exhales.

As you focus solely on your breath, ask yourself, where does your breath end and you begin? Is your breath part of you? What does it feel like to become your breath? To embody your breath? To live in your breath?

Add intention to your breath, such as relaxing, clearing energy, or flowing in a positive direction.

Begin to move your hands up and down in unison with your breathing. Progress to touching your toes on the exhale and reaching overhead on the inhale. Move at the same pace as your breathing, slowly at first, progressing a little faster with each breath until you can’t go any faster. This is one of the simplest ways of connecting your breath with movement, and that is what you take with you into your next movement.

Find your rhythm with your breath and movement. There is a breath and rhythm to match every movement.

Gather energy with your breath, then move with that energy. Gather strength as you breathe in, and exert that strength as you breathe out.

Use your breath to help you relax and recover as you exert yourself. Use your breath to help you develop pure intention in your movement and effort.

From now on, your breath comes first. You’re not moving unless you are conscious of your breathing in that movement. And if you can develop that habit, you’ll find yourself doing it very naturally in your practice. Put your breath first and your physical practice will immediately become more meditative in nature.

For more on Becoming your Breath, check out the processes at the end of the book. I recommend the audiobook, and for an added bonus, here’s a video of the class I taught that inspired this post. You can follow along as a standing/moving meditation if you want.

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