Take a leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practiceTake the leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practice

Putting your heart into it.

Heart changes everything. It changes how you show up. It releases inner pressure and the weight you carry, and it changes your performance.

“In the sports world we sometimes hear the notion of keeping your emotions in check. In meditative fitness, we would rather harness and channel emotional energy, using all of it, transforming detracting emotion […]

“Forgiveness and Gratitude,” a meditative fitness process.

Imagine forgiving yourself in the middle of an intense workout. It can be a powerful and unique experience to combine mental/emotional work with your physical efforts, especially while feeling the effects of your decisions and your health and fitness karma, aka your conditioning or lack thereof, your food decisions, and more.

“You can feel toxicity pulse […]

How a workout can help in challenging times.

Today is as good a day as any to get in a workout. It’s as good a day as any for the workout to change you.

Something significant happens when you decide to exercise, when you summon the energy to physically exert yourself, when you make the decision to do something good for yourself, to not […]

Make your declaration!

Make the declaration that your fitness is a spiritual practice. Make the declaration that your workouts are a meditation. That it’s about your happiness and fulfillment and your inner world as you go through a workout or practice living a healthy life.

Note: We’re talking about the full gambit, the four key areas of being, your […]

The prostration of burpees.

Envision monks doing burpees, only instead of a jumping clap, the hands come together in prayer at the forehead. Monks have been known to do them for hours on end, to the point of exhaustion, which only increases the level of devotion and spiritual lessons as you transcend the body and the physical realm.

Note: Prostrations […]