Take a leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practiceTake the leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practice

Do this when arriving at your facility…

Take a deep breath. You’re here. Take another deep breath, and as you do, stand up a little straighter. Okay, now you’re meditating…

From now on, this is the first thing I want you to do when you arrive at your gym or studio – take a deep breath and relax.

Bring yourself into presence, release any […]

The Audiobook has Arrived!

Here’s to the big moments in our lives, the important days, the days you dream of, the ones you remember, the ones you work for, cry for, and breathe for. May we create more and more of them. This is one I am most proud of, narrating this book.

The Audiobook has arrived! Listen to the […]

Zen Commuter meets Meditative Fitness

Changing the way we see meditation and easily applying it in our lives. Making meditation fun and taking it to the gym or CF box.

Check out my interview on the Zen Commuter podcast! Click here for episode 490.

We tackle some common misconceptions about meditation as well as touch on some big themes of the book, all […]

Audiobook Recording in Progress!

Check it out. This is going down in my closet! Day two of recording is about to be underway! Day one went really well; the book and recording sound great! Can’t wait to share it with everyone.

Day one was surreal. I must have read the book over 100 times in the process of writing it, […]

You already know how to meditate!

First time opening to a random page and talking about it on video, had fun with it. You can also check out the ones on our channel about maintaining blood sugar levels and meditative rest periods. Those came right after this one.

“Yes you will learn how to meditate. Yes you already know how to meditate. […]