Take a leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practiceTake the leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practice

Becoming your Breath in Movement

First, you become your breath. Then, you become your breath in movement. Your breathing comes first. Before you move, be aware of where your breath is and where you are going with it in that movement.

Test your breath and the energy related to it. What does it feel like? Where have you been breathing from? Higher in […]

Do this when arriving at your facility…

Take a deep breath. You’re here. Take another deep breath, and as you do, stand up a little straighter. Okay, now you’re meditating…

From now on, this is the first thing I want you to do when you arrive at your gym or studio – take a deep breath and relax.

Bring yourself into presence, release any […]

You already know how to meditate!

First time opening to a random page and talking about it on video, had fun with it. You can also check out the ones on our channel about maintaining blood sugar levels and meditative rest periods. Those came right after this one.

“Yes you will learn how to meditate. Yes you already know how to meditate. […]

The Workout Becomes the Meditation

Once you are conscious of certain elements of meditation, the same elements inherently found in fitness, you can then nurture them in your workouts. Further, these elements happen within yourself.

Meditative fitness is…

…the inner world of physical exertion…the art of applying meditative elements to your workouts…Intention, Presence, Awareness, Thought, Heart, Energy, The Breath, The Body, Food, […]