Take a leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practiceTake the leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practice

Live a physical therapy life.

Stand, stretch, and straighten. Take a deep breath.

Spread your arms out wide. Reach above your head. Grab your hands behind you. Bend to touch your toes. Go into a low squat or lunge. Open your hips and shoulders. Discover new ways to stretch your body.

Get to know your body and ranges of motion. Get to […]

Meditative Tips for the Open 16.1

Shot this for some extra inspiration after coaching the open workout 16.1 in my classes this morning.

Filter the nerves through your heart, settle into them and allow them to help open your heart, put your heart into the workout, practice calming your breathing throughout, and nurture a positive state of strength and being.

Find your strength, […]

You Are Only Ever One Workout Away

Do you have trouble maintaining consistency in your physical practice?

It helps to always know the answer to the question, when is your next workout? Not the “oh, maybe I’ll make it Thursday morning,” but when is the next time you can absolutely make it? When is the next time that you know you will make it?

Commit […]

By Way of Meditative Performance

We are addressing performance in the sport of fitness – maximizing your potential, recording your best time, or executing challenging skills and lifts.
Long before the workout begins, meditation sets you up for higher performance.
One example of this is in creating visions of success, planning and envisioning a specific workout or movement, envisioning yourself succeeding by […]

The Workout Becomes the Meditation

Once you are conscious of certain elements of meditation, the same elements inherently found in fitness, you can then nurture them in your workouts. Further, these elements happen within yourself.

Meditative fitness is…

…the inner world of physical exertion…the art of applying meditative elements to your workouts…Intention, Presence, Awareness, Thought, Heart, Energy, The Breath, The Body, Food, […]