Take a leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practiceTake the leap to transform your life and fitness! Get FREE content to help develop your practice

Top tips for creating meditative workouts (and why you would want to).

Each meditative workout is unique and can have different elements blossom, and a meditative workout doesn’t necessarily have to look any different on the outside. First, we acknowledge that the workout is the meditation, and then we learn from that metaphor. In leading meditative workouts, here are some of the most simple, natural points I […]

Becoming your Breath in Movement

First, you become your breath. Then, you become your breath in movement. Your breathing comes first. Before you move, be aware of where your breath is and where you are going with it in that movement.

Test your breath and the energy related to it.¬†What does it feel like? Where have you been breathing from? Higher in […]

Simple Formula to Practice

This video might be what got me into Wanderlust! Along with the book of course, in which this simple formula can be found. I also mentioned it briefly when I was interviewed yesterday for my first podcast experience, so yeah, I’d say it’s an important little formula to get out there.

The prescription – 2 minute […]

The Book and I are going to Wanderlust!

I found out a couple of days ago that I will be speaking at Wanderlust Whistler in July! And I will be up on their web site soon! I had to record this little video to share and catch a little of my reaction right after submitting the forms for the site.

Oh, and I forgot […]