Imagine forgiving yourself in the middle of an intense workout. It can be a powerful and unique experience to combine mental/emotional work with your physical efforts, especially while feeling the effects of your decisions and your health and fitness karma, aka your conditioning or lack thereof, your food decisions, and more.

“You can feel toxicity pulse through your body in a workout the same way you can feel it with heightened senses in meditation.” – the Food chapter, p. 169

“In addition to your thoughts and attitude, this is about forgiving yourself for doing things that you know haven’t been good for you, such as eating poorly, being “out of shape,” not exercising, not stretching or doing your mobility work, not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep, or any number of other things unique to you. This is also an opportunity to forgive your body, troublesome joints, old injuries, or any parts of your body you have harbored ill-will toward. Your workouts are the perfect opportunity to practice this forgiveness and gratitude.” – audio below.

“The body responds very well to intentions and aligned actions. Speak to your body with loving and encouraging words. As you go through your workouts, practice forgiving yourself for any harm you have done to your body, and practice forgiving your body for any troubles it has given you. Forgiveness and gratitude* are close relatives, both with powerful vibrations for more love, peace, and joy. See what happens when you practice them while exerting yourself physically. Think about what your body is allowing you to do. When your legs, arms, hands, and shoulders are burning, tell them how much you love them, forgive yourself for eating poorly or anything else you need to forgive yourself for. “I love you, legs and feet. I love you, knees and elbows. I love you, hands and arms. I love you, heart and lungs. I forgive you for any pain and challenges you’ve given me, and I forgive myself for not taking better care of you.” – The Body chapter, p. 150

Click below to listen to “Forgiveness and Gratitude,” a meditative fitness process, and use the essence of it in your workouts whenever needed.


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