Rather than resolutions, look at your inner resolve.

The New Year is a great reminder of change and beginning anew. Any time we can admit that we want to make a positive change is a good thing. At the same time, when we do this, aspects of ourselves rise to the surface. Things come up for us to face and overcome within ourselves, about ourselves, our habits, and the way we engage life.

Inner resolve makes the difference, a firmness of purpose, a strong inner commitment. While it is ongoing in nature, when you first decide to make a change, you already know whether you will based on your resolve. If you let doubts win, if you don’t believe in yourself, or if you don’t really want to make the change, then you already know you won’t.

Make sure you’re serious with yourself about what you really want. It’s too easy for us to fool ourselves. Perhaps our resolve is only strong when we want it to be.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions, think of them as daily resolutions or life resolutions. Every day you make choices that make up your way of life. It’s not about being on or off a resolution. It’s about long term, about longevity, about the change that you are instituting for something bigger, something greater in your heart and life. It’s important to connect with it in your heart, for great heart is found in resolve. Dig a little deeper, go underneath the resolution. Why is it important? Connect with it as deeply as possible and turn it upward. Whenever you open your heart, rather than going down, turn it in a positive direction.

Every day, upon waking up, set your resolve. Nothing that came before matters. Start each day like it’s the beginning of a New Year. It doesn’t stop. The true changes you want to make don’t go away.

Strengthen your will with small steps and victories. You may find that if you take certain steps, it becomes easier. Counter forces lessen. Energy starts flowing in the right direction.

Look for linchpins, the changes that cause the most ripple effects.

Look at your firsts. What do you put first, and what do you do first? Changing your firsts can unlock a powerful flow of energy.

If you want to strengthen your resolve, look no further than your workouts and fitness practice. Look no further than the physical exertion. How much resolve does it take to push yourself, to give all of yourself to a workout, to lean in to the challenge?

When you think you can’t continue, and when your body pleads with you to stop, pure heart-level resolve takes over.

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