Pay attention to how you hear the music. It can tell you how open your heart is. It can tell you how dead or alive you are inside. It can serve as a barometer for your happiness.

This is important because it is possible to be unconscious to your unhappiness, to not want to admit when you’re not happy deeper within. It can help you to recognize when you are stuck in your head, stuck in delusion, or seeing things in a negative light. It can help raise your inner awareness, which is especially important if you are prone to depression, stress, anxiety, or other inner challenges.

When listening to music, ask yourself, does it make you want to move? Does it bring you joy? Are you able to enjoy it? How rich does it sound to you? How present are you? Do the lyrics speak to your heart and soul? Are you connecting with it? Does the resonance seem to flow through you? Can you feel it?

All of this has to do with how you hear the music given your current state, and your workouts are a perfect opportunity to open your heart and connect with the music.

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Hope you enjoyed this post. As a regular music listener, this practice developed very naturally and helps me realign when needed, to recognize when I’m missing some of the richness and joy in life.

And it’s been coming up a lot lately, like a reminder to share. It’s true that some days the music can sound better than others, the same song even, and the practice is to live in such a way or nurture such an inner state that the music sounds better on a more regular basis, hence being more happy, open hearted, and truly alive on a regular basis. When for years you never were, it can be like learning to walk on ice, but you get better and better with practice. Read the book for more of the story. It’s a spiritual tale and a fitness tale.

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