Stand, stretch, and straighten. Take a deep breath.

Spread your arms out wide. Reach above your head. Grab your hands behind you. Bend to touch your toes. Go into a low squat or lunge. Open your hips and shoulders. Discover new ways to stretch your body.

Get to know your body and ranges of motion. Get to know your limits and then expand them. Open your joints; work your ranges of motion. Set the intention for your workouts to be rehabilitative.

Contract, squeeze, and activate. Squeeze your glutes and legs, lock out your arms, pull your shoulders back and down. Tighten, then loosen.

Move your body. Swing your arms and legs. Walk. Run. Jump. Leap. Bound. Dance. Push. Pull. Carry. Doesn’t it feel good to move your body? Enjoy every moment and every movement.

Roll your body, massage and release your fascia. Sink into tight spots and breathe.

Stretching and moving throughout your day is one of the easiest habits to develop, and with it you can change and heal the karma of your body.

Do your body and energy a service. Live a physical therapy life. Work with your body daily. Work on any ailments. Move and stretch throughout your day. Short stretches add up, and they might as well be meditative stretches.

In the process of writing the book and recording the audio, I suffered many aches and pains due to sitting for long hours. This practice became even more of a necessity, and it became a solution for not spending more time stretching after a workout, the same solution for days when I didn’t sit for a longer meditation – meditate throughout the day. Take little meditative moments, a breath here and there, working with your energy and state of being.

For more, check out The Body chapter and the processes on Meditative Stretching and Mobility in Meditative Fitness: The Art and Practice of the Workout, available in paperback, kindle, and on audio.

Photo by Esther Huynh,, @estherhuynh on IG


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