Make the declaration that your fitness is a spiritual practice. Make the declaration that your workouts are a meditation. That it’s about your happiness and fulfillment and your inner world as you go through a workout or practice living a healthy life.

Note: We’re talking about the full gambit, the four key areas of being, your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.

“No longer the resistance, the workout is no longer a chore. You no longer need to suffer to get through a workout. Expand the realm of possibilities. Expand your reasons for engaging in your workouts. It is time to surrender and embrace, align with true strength, and dedicate your workouts to greater meaning and higher purpose.”

Make the declaration to surrender and embrace the challenge, to lean in when it gets hard, to summon a stronger version of yourself.

Make the declaration to lead a meditative life, to seek growth, depth, and meaning, to seek higher consciousness, higher vibes, a higher state of being.

Great change is set in motion when you make a declaration and truly mean it. It’s like flipping an inner switch, making a commitment, or creating an invisible contract with the universe, which includes every cell in your body.

This post was sparked by a recent question, “what’s the most important thing to know about it?”, referring to my book, Meditative Fitness: The Art and Practice of the Workout. I truly believe this is one of the most important messages and also a first step, simply shifting the way we are approaching our fitness and our lives. Doing this alone is transformational.

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