“Joyous personal records (PR’s) can be symbolic of so much more in your heart and life. There is something special about working hard and reaching new levels, realizing you just did something that two weeks ago you could not do. This is often so special, we feel the need to share.” –the Vision chapter

Mental/emotional PR’s are a little different than accomplishing a physical feat, and you never know what may spark them. It may happen in the middle of a run when part of you wants to start walking, but a stronger part of you says to keep running, keep pushing, and not to let a little physical “pain” or that little voice talk you into stopping.”

Mental/emotional PR’s are the breakthroughs that happen as a result of the physical challenge.

They are these moments when you see yourself differently, perhaps stronger than you’ve ever seen yourself, capable of more than you previously thought. They are moments you never forget, times when everything changes in an instant, where life as you knew it no longer exists, where something has awoken in you, a self-realization. A lot of these have to do with vision, the way you are perceiving, and your inner representation of your world. Having positive vision helps you break limitations as you see yourself reaching new milestones, exceeding personal records, and creating new versions of yourself. The workout provides the opportunity.

In the world of quantum physics, these are known as quantum moments. In the world of psychology, they are known as defining moments. They can be either positive or negative in nature, and sometimes you have to go back to the negative defining moments in order to turn them into gifts and blessings on your journey.

In the world of Meditative Fitness, these shall be known as quantum workouts.

So now when we ask the questions, what does today’s workout mean to you? What does the effort symbolize in your heart and life? What mental/emotional challenges are you overcoming alongside the physical challenge? Perhaps these questions will carry deeper meaning, and so will your life and workouts.

How to create more of mental/emotional PR’s? Create the physical challenge. Treat every workout as important. Find out what you’re made of. Test yourself. Push yourself. Seek new physical PR’s that lead to the mental/emotional ones. Enter and train for a race or physical competition. Open your heart and allow your training to mean something. Look for the metaphor of it all that has all the lessons. At any given time, there are countless lessons being taught by the world around you and by your engagement of it. Pay attention to how you are engaging your workouts. Allow your effort to symbolize more in your heart and life. You are the living prayer. Bring your subconscious to the surface, and allow the workout to become the prayer.

This post was inspired by my book, Meditative Fitness: The Art and Practice of the Workout, and it was inspired by all of you and the opportunity for mental/emotional PR’s. At some point I realized that many of the stories I wrote about in the book were these kind of PR’s. As an added bonus, here’s a short clip of me talking about Mental/Emotional PR’s at an intimate book talk.

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