Do you have trouble maintaining consistency in your physical practice?

It helps to always know the answer to the question, when is your next workout? Not the “oh, maybe I’ll make it Thursday morning,” but when is the next time you can absolutely make it? When is the next time that you know you will make it?

Commit to it, plan for it, and no matter how you feel the day of, make it mandatory for yourself to go. Strip away any back door escapes or excuses, you shall not be talked out of it by your weaker, conniving, sabotaging self. Your higher self won’t allow it. And no matter how you feel, it is up to you to raise your vibration, to align with your practice, and to get to a place where you are ready to lean in to the challenge.

“You are only ever one workout away from awakening and feeling good. One meditative [workout] experience can change the course of your life and the way you engage it, potentially changing every moment of every day. You may come to a time where everything you do contributes to the meditation, to the workout, and to your growth as you prostrate yourself in the challenge. To be consistent in your practice, always know when your next workout will be. You are only ever one workout away.” –Meditative Fitness: The Art and Practice of the Workout

You are only one workout away from starting, from catching fire, or from generating momentous energy.

You are only one workout away from a potentially life changing experience. Strenuous physical exertion leads to inner breakthroughs, when we confront things about ourselves or our limiting beliefs, or those “I can’t” moments, or those times we want to quit but we keep going, or when we transform the whole “this sucks” attitude into something way more powerful.

You are only one workout away from a burst of endorphins, from opening your heart, from sparking positive change, from getting stronger, and from living a healthier, happier life.

Now, better get to your next workout!

To read more, check out the new book that inspired this site and post, Meditative Fitness: The Art and Practice of the Workout. Huge thanks and blessings to all!

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