This is a short and powerful vision process that can be done anywhere. It can be as short as a moment or two, or you can draw it out for as long as you like. It can be done with your eyes open or closed and in a variety of different ways.

Most simply stated, the process is to uphold a vision for your life and align with it on the inside.

Think about something positive. Picture something big you want to see happen in your life. This could even be an image that represents an overall feeling you want to have in your life, or it could be a specific event, goal, or milestone. As you pull it up, spend as long as you like to develop the vision, to look for more detail, to fill it out. Incorporate all of your senses, whether seeing it visually or sensing it intuitively.

Hold the vision in your inner gaze and practice aligning with it. Focus with pure intention.

If your vision is true right now, what else has to be true?  Take note of all the little changes, all the karma that happens in order for it to be true. What behaviors are changed? What actions are taken?

Commit to your vision. Change can happen in an instant with inner commitment, like flipping a switch.

Have faith in your vision. Vision and faith are intimately linked.

Connect with the vision in your heart. What does it mean to you at a deeper level?

Upon finishing, go forth, take action on your vision, and repeat often.

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