I found out a couple of days ago that I will be speaking at Wanderlust Whistler in July! And I will be up on their web site soon! I had to record this little video to share and catch a little of my reaction right after submitting the forms for the site.

Oh, and I forgot this one. I’ll be interviewed for my first podcast experience tomorrow morning! It will be on the Zen Commuter podcast; I’ll keep you posted on when it airs.

Other updates – I will start recording the audiobook hopefully in the next few days with the goal of getting that out as soon as possible. I believe it may be even more powerful on audio as you listen to me whisper sweet meditative nothings in your ear. The book was written with a bit of hypnotic language, at times reading like little meditations, and then of course there are the processes, which will be beautiful to have on audio.

Look for more videos to be posted soon. I’ve already uploaded what I consider to be my practice videos on our Meditative Fitness YouTube channel. Check it out and see if any grab your attention. I’m having fun and meditating my way through it. See you soon!

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