Once you are conscious of certain elements of meditation, the same elements inherently found in fitness, you can then nurture them in your workouts. Further, these elements happen within yourself.

Meditative fitness is…

…the inner world of physical exertion…the art of applying meditative elements to your workouts…Intention, Presence, Awareness, Thought, Heart, Energy, The Breath, The Body, Food, and Vision. These are also chapters in the upcoming book, Meditative Fitness – The Art and Practice of the Workout.

One way to look at meditation is as a state of being. It’s about being human as much as it’s about being spiritual, and it’s about the way you engage your world. Our state of being is always happening, which means at any point in time, a meditative moment can help improve our state. No matter what type of workout or physical exertion, there are meditative opportunities – a brief moment before a lift or set of repetitions, a moment of rest, or the natural meditative qualities of extended exertion. There is a simplicity of weaving meditation into your workouts that doesn’t necessarily change what you are doing, but greatly enhances what you are doing.

Time spent in meditation carries over into the workout.

Part of what we want you to do is develop a foundation and practice entering a meditative state: slower brainwaves, relaxed, yet focused and alert, tapping into your nervous systems, and creating a positive flow of energy. We want you to develop the inner connections and techniques that will transfer into your workouts. You can do this with any amount of meditation.

The foundation taught here consists of:

The art of relaxation – an inner calm, relaxing your mind, your breathing, and your heart rate, both in meditation and in the midst of physical exertion.

Tuning-in to your body – increasing your inner awareness and sensing of your body.

Becoming your breath – training your breath to help execute inner intentions, building toward one-breath meditations.

Connecting with your energy – sensing and working with your energy.

Engaging your heart – opening your heart, connecting with how you feel at a deeper level.

Developing pure intention – a pure focus and will, an absolute belief and resolve, an expectation and confidence on an outcome,
overriding doubts and limiting beliefs.

Each of these aspects of the foundation can be practiced in meditation and in your meditative workouts. This may look like putting yourself in an energy of strength to lift a heavy weight or move your body. It might look like consciously elevating your state of being throughout your workout. It might look like finding a rhythm and peaceful serenity in the steadiness of your movement. Or, it might look like putting your heart into your workouts and moving through your feelings.

A greater presence is often required in the many things we do to move and work our bodies. If your workouts aren’t eliciting some of these things for yourself, all you may need to do is raise the bar, increase the degree of challenge, and observe what happens within yourself. In high intensity exertion or in executing challenging skills and lifts, a powerful pure intention can be found. This is similar to what is found in meditation. With intention, you relax and enter a deeper state of being. With inner meditative intention, you can clear your energy and create positive visions for yourself and your life. With intention, you can do infinite things in your inner world.

Intention, in fact, is also where your practice begins.

Set the intention now for your workouts to become more meditative in nature. 

This is an inner commitment to raise your level of consciousness.

In your workouts, pay close attention to what is going on within you. Practice elevating your state of being. Take a deep breath often. Relax and focus your mind while you exert yourself physically, create a greater presence within yourself, and enjoy your precious moments.

We want to hear from you! Are your workouts meditative in nature? Do they bring you a sense of peace, presence, and joy? Do they awaken your heart? Do you find yourself in a flowing state?

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And remember, the workout is an act of love. Love on!


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