First time opening to a random page and talking about it on video, had fun with it. You can also check out the ones on our channel about maintaining blood sugar levels and meditative rest periods. Those came right after this one.

“Yes you will learn how to meditate. Yes you already know how to meditate. Close your eyes and focus on your breath and you may begin.”

And you already know how to be a human being! Your state of being is already happening. Tune in, nurture a higher state of being, and realize that you already know how to meditate.

Another passage from The Body chapter reads, “The path goes through our humanity. To connect more fully with the Divine, we must connect more fully with that which makes us human.”

So many folks think they can’t meditate, but really it’s a practice, and there are an infinite number of ways to practice. Often, it’s trying to force your mind to go quiet that doesn’t work, but employing some active meditation, where you are actively doing something or focusing on something can help. Engaging in a meditative workout can have a similar effect, like the original intention of yoga, to prepare the mind and body for meditation.

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